Erin Drake

Erin Drake started her dance journey as a little girl with a background in dance and theatre arts.  As a youth, Erin discovered her passion in ballroom dancing and was privileged to have a successful amateur education.  Training with some of the best coaches in the world, Erin earned many successful titles in both International and American styles.    

With a background in ballet and jazz, Erin has always brought a sense of poise and elegance to her dancing.  This background has allowed her to create a regal elegance in her dancing as well as her bold ability to stand out amongst professional dancers.

As a teacher, Erin has a diverse and well versed background.  She received her Bachelor's degree from UCSD in Law and Sociology and went on to receive her Masters Degree in Education.  Accepted in to the top teaching program in the country, Erin specializes in early elementary education, teaching methodology and educational leadership.  She can customize lessons and a dancing path that is right for you!

Every student has a unique way of learning and in order to best meet your needs she offers the first lesson free to better get to know you as a dancer.  Let her build a learning program that best benefits you!  


Verazzano Dance

​Angelo Verazzano

Angelo Verazzano started his dance journey as an opportunity to work for a passion he really loved.  As a youth, he had a passion for hip hop and jazz, spending his time working with his local hip hop and jazz performance teams.  As a young adult, Arthur Murray quickly saw the potential of his talent and hired him immediately to join their franchise.

​ With an extensive formal training in Ballroom, Angelo soon took his dance background and created the unique style you see today.  Now working independently, Angelo brings a sense of grace, style, charisma and funk to his ballroom dancing.  This background not only benefits his own style of dance, but also has allowed him to earn numerous top teacher awards at competitions all over the world with his students.  Every student has a journey and Angelo has always found the best part of teaching is experiencing the individual path. 

As a professional American Smooth competitor, Angelo joined Erin Drake in 2013 and in just one year together have made incredible strides including placing as finalists in the Professional Rising Star division in almost every major competition attended in the past year.  They are looking forward to a promising future together.     

Angelo's experience has taught him that everyone learns dance differently. This is why we invite new students to participate in a free introductory dance lesson. From there we can determine what information you know, and can build a learning program around you! Our teaching process is unique to each student.